Wall decorationDecorated wall of

La Salle des Illustres

Its a part of Capitole Building. Listed as historic monument since 1994. The gallery now replaces the old Hall of La Salle des Illustres built in 1674 and destroyed in 1887. This gallery was designed by architect Paul Pujol. It is formed by the meeting room of the old La Salle des Illustres, two rooms for parties, the Throne Room and the Salle des Pas Perdus. It measures 60 m long and 9 meters wide.

PhotoCeiling DecorationPlafond de la salle des Illustres ~~ Ceiling of La Salle des Illustres

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Ceiling of La Salle des Illustres (1)

La Salle des Illustres

decorated ceiling

Plafond de la salle des Illustres ~~ Ceiling of La Salle des Illustres

La Salle des Illustres is decorated with works by Jean-Paul Laurens, Benjamin Constant, Jean-Andre Rixens, Paul Gervais and Paul Pujol. It now serves as reception hall for the host brand the city of Toulouse and for the newlyweds.

Foire Bio 31
Foire Bio - is an event for organics lover to meet and talk and do some transaction. We could find many organics items from raw foods, preserved or cooked foods, soaps, oil for cooking, cosmetics; pot flowers and herbs, until fabrics and apparels.

This event where held at Park La Ramé at Tournefeuille (the suburb of Toulouse) on October 19,2008. There are more then 10.000 visitor this year who attend this exposition. It is good to see more and more people who interest to visit foire bio which may means more people who will use bio / organics product, which is good for the body and environment.

Vide Grenier at Cugnaux

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Photo Vide Grenier

Vide Grenier -literally means clean the attic - is the event arranged by the town hall or any associations related, where people selling their used items. Today after visiting Foire Bio - Expo of organic foods and all other organics items - at Tourneffeuille, I continue to vide grenier at Cugnaux. Both Tournefeuille and Cugnaux is the suburbs of Toulouse.

I arrived after 18.00 pm where many exposant already packed their things. I only could catch this participant who selling his new items. You could see the red symbol is the symbol of Midi Pyrenées where Toulouse is belongs to.

One Fine Day

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Photo One fine day Still in Place Arnaud Bernard. When the weather is nice, many imigrans from Algeria, Tunisia or Maroc get together for some chat. In this place we could also fine Arabian foods or epicerie selling herbs and spices for Arabic cuisine and also meat with "Halal label".

Achat Livres Bandes Dessinees

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achat bandes dessinees Do you have books or comics and have no more space to stock them? Come to Place Arnaud Bernard. You could sell your books and commics there and if you want buy another used book and comic at the same place Achat Livres Bandes Dessinees means buy books and comics

L'eglise Saint Pierre Blagnac

L'eglise Catholique Saint Pierre , Saint-Pierre Catholic Church in Blagnac was build on 11th century. It was built on the site of a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to the god Jupiter.

At the end of the 14th century, the Devoisins family had replaces the old tower by another which was a copy of the one of Saint Sernin Basilica.

This chuch located on the old district of Blagnac, Toulouse suburbs. It used to open from 9.00am to 6.00pm for everyone who want to visit or pray but now - since 1st of April 2008 -had been close for some interior renovation. It will be open again on September 2009.

photo japanese garden

Rare in a southern city such as Toulouse, this garden offers botanical varieties of the Far East. Designed by the research department of gardens and green spaces as a place of meditation, there is a mineral garden, a red wooden bridge connecting a typical Japanese island which is allegorical paradise. It builds on the established gardens in Kyoto between the fourteenth century and sixteenth century, corresponding to times of Muromachi and Edo. It is isolated from the rest of the park through curtains of greenery and a hill offering some privacy.

The garden is composed of : a dry garden : with the island Crane, with the Turtle Island, with the 9 rocks, a lake a tea pavilion a garden planted with : a dry waterfall, with a lantern, stones of three saints, with the red bridge, with Mount Fuji, with the island of Paradise

jardin japonais Toulouse

The Japanese garden in Toulouse is a remarkable park of France located north of downtown Toulouse in the district of Compans Cafarelli. This garden was created in 1981 to meet the wishes of Pierre Baudis during his term as mayor of Toulouse. He appreciated this type of garden during travel, particularly in Dublin. The park closed 7 000 m² is part of a green area of 10 hectares in the heart of recent district Compans-Caffarelli. In 1993, the garden received the national grand prize as a Remarkable Garden .

Toulouse Cathedral

Chapel Notre-Dame-des-Anges is a part of Cathédrale Saint-Étienne , the Cathedral of Toulouse.

According to some historians, it was built on the foundations of a chapel built by Saint Saturnin, in the third century and rebuilt by Saint Exupère, one hundred and fifty years later.

photo cao dai temple. Mid day Holly Mass at Cao Dai Temple. This photo of course is not a photo taken in Toulouse but in Cao Dai, near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is my souvenir from my summer holiday this year I love the lines of people and the decorative pilars.

Interior Prison St Michel

This is interior of Saint Michel Jail (Maison d'arrêt Saint Michel). You could see that they put nets to avoid prissoners jumping to the ground. This prison were build in 19th century, with red bricks and little stone, typical Toulousaine Building.

During the Nazi occupation, many were resistant prisoners sentenced to death and executed, as Marcel Langer, head of the 35th brigade FTP-MOI.

maison d'arrêt Saint Michel Toulouse I have no idea how the prissoners using this staircase. This prison from outside look like a castle, build in 19th century, no longer use nowdays.

Prison Saint Michel Toulouse

The lines of people who want to visit Maison d'arrêt Saint Michel / Prison Saint Michel. This building was open to public during Journée du Patrimoine 21 - 22 September 2008.

We have to qued for 2 hours to enter the building, since for the security reason they only allow 120 visitor inside the building at the same time which result the longggg long queing.

Since the theme of City Daily Photo Blog Community this month is Lines, so I'll continue the series of "lines photo" for some more days to come.

Maison d'arrêt Saint-Michel 18 bis, Rue SaintMichel, 31000 Toulouse, France

Escalier d'honneur of Palais Niel

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Palais Niel 2, Rue Montoulieu St-Jacques, 31000 Toulouse

Escalier d'honneur / Honour Staircase will bring you from entrance hall to the first floor of Palais Niel (Niel Palace) . On the top of the stairs you could see the painting of Marechal de France Adolphe Niel, painted by La Rivière in 1860. This monument is not open for public. I have the opportunity to take this photo, when it was open for only 2 days during Journée du Patrimoine 21 - 22 september 2008.

Lines - October's Theme

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'Lines photo' can be found everywhere, make it difficult for me to choose one. I then choosed this one for it was quite rare occasion and funny, too. The lines of flight attendants, the building's pillar and ... you can find more, do you ?

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Happy theme day !

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