Wheat Harvest at Ausonne

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Wheat Harvest at Ausonne

Festival Convivencia

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This is the 11th Festival Convivencia.

View from the couloir to the garden of Couvent des Jacobins.

Rose Carte Blanche

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Rose Carte Blanche in the garden after rain.

Pont Neuf

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The people of Toulouse call this bridge Pont Neuf which means new bridge. From it's appearance do you think it looks new?

The tower as seen from rue Lakanal.

Rose "Côte Jardin"

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Rose "Côte Jardin" in the garden after rain.

Produits Régionaux

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Some of the things you could buy as a souvenir from Toulouse.

The Tourist Office can be found inside this building, where they sell many kinds of souvenir items.

In this building you can visit Musée des Instruments de Médecine des Hopitaux de Toulouse (Museum of the Instruments of Medicine of the Hospitals of Toulouse )


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Fig trees can grow anywhere, even on the wall of Couvent des Jacobins!

Pink River

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Rose Pink River in the garden after rain.

The Entrance to Photography

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Go through this door and you will enjoy many great photos. This is the entrance to Galerie de Château d'Eau Laganne.

Sunflower field at Aussone

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Even though Toulouse is a big city, but you can still see farms and plantations just about 10 km away.

The tallest building in Toulouse.

Ready for prunning

Monday, July 16, 2007 | with 3 comments »

Ready for prunning anyone? Which one will you choose?

One fine afternoon

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One fine afternoon at the Café de Place du Capitole. Le Monde est Arrive.

Rose Sweet Dream

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Rose Sweet Dream in the garden after rain.

Under this ceiling are organized music concerts, international festivals, piano recitals &c

Do you know to where this nice gate will bring you to ? The toilet ! [This is inside Couvent des Jacobins]

This is my little girl named Anaïs Jelita. Today is her first birthday. I would appreciate anyone who like to give her b'day wish by write the comment(s) in this post. I'll print all the wishes and give it to her someday when she can read it by herself. Thanks a bunch. I'd like to announce that my family and I will be on holiday start tomorrow until end of July. Don't worry, I have prepared some photos so you can still have Toulouse Daily photo as usual. Thank you to Gerald of Hyde DP who will help me during my absence.

Church ? Opera house ? This is Dôme de la Grave, public hospital in Toulouse. Tower at right side is l'Eglise St. Nicolas (St Nicolas Church)

The Prairie des Filtres, originally a marshy island of little interest which had sanded up over the years ; was used as a natural filter for the water pumped from Garonne up to Château d'Eau Laganne / Laganne Water Tower . This little park near Garonne River is a nice place to go for nice walk or just get relax.

Pièce Montée of 07/07/07

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From my 07/07/07 party last night, I present to you this typical french dessert. This Pièce Montée we usually have for special celebration such as weddings, baptisms and special birthdays. For his special birthday (the 50th), Thierry has Pièce Montée with the form of Aeroplane ! I think Thierry has good choice of Pièce Montée in the form of aeroplane. Why? On the 07/07/07, many couples got married and I think many has Pièce Montée but with traditional form (conical shape). Thierry's one is different and of course make it special. Some more info for you, the term pièce montée is sometimes used to refer to the dessert also known as croquembouche, an assemblage of cream puffs (or occasionally other kinds of candy or pastry) stuck together with caramel or spun sugar into a tall, usually conical shape.
PS : Don't you think it is triple 7 of Boeing (Boeing 777) ? :))

Hawaiian girl from Toulouse

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Today, 07-07-07, nice numbers isn't it ? Our friend choose this date to celebrate his birthday with pool party, mechoui (typical french barbeque). Dress code : hawaiian style. My family and I will be at the party this evening that means I can't post my photo at my usual time (before midnight).I just finished making flowers accesories for me and my girls and decided to take the photo of my girl with flowers as my today photo.

Place du Capitole / Capitole Square located in the center of Toulouse. This place had many names before been called Place du Capitole : Place Royale and then Place de la Liberté ( Révolution periode), Place Commune, Place de la Mairie, Place Impériale (since 1812), place de l'Hôtel de Ville and also la place d'Armes. It start to be called Place du Capitole since 1848. This biq square always busy nights and days, surrounded by many shops, cafes and restaurant. Every wednesday there is huge market selling almost everythings.

This place when it was as Château d'eau or water tower was named after Capitoul Charles Laganne who in 1789 bequeathed 50 000 gold francs, so that water could become public property and accessible to all habitants of Toulouse. Today - Since 1974 - it is being widely renowned as a galery, museum and exhibition centre for photography and have new name : Galerie du chateau d'eau Jean Dieuzaide . It was Jean Dieuzaide who took the inisiatif to dedicate this place as photography gallery. This place is the first place in France dedicated to photography.


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This is the main entrance of l'Ecole Elémentaire René Cassin where my boy went through every morning. Start this afternoon this door had been closed. It will be open again on September 3rd for the teachers to get prepared and on September 4th it will welcome again all the students. School summer holiday for 2 months has arrived ! Tomorrow my kids will join club holiday but only for 2 days. They will play and have many activities in small group. The club start from 09.00 am and finish at 17.45
Our family holiday this year will be kinda special, since we will have caravan adventure and will visit many places in France from South West to East.

Charcuteries anyone ?

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Still in the red tone. This time I introduce Charcuteries which is many kind of sausage (churizo, boudin, saucisson, jambon). Those Charcuterie were some of an entrée I had last week-end when my family and I went to the party at my neighbour house which located in the country side.

Blagnac On Fire

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People watch firemen doing their job ? No. Still in "Red" mood of this month theme, I show you another red event. Did you remember, at my first post, I said that I am going to Fête des Rues (Street Party) ? This photo was taken there, show 2 men played percussion while at the same time they blew up firework. There was 150 artists who participate in this event. It took place at Blagnac Neighborhood.
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Soldes .... Sale Starting on June 27th and it will continue for 6 weeks. Every shop try to catch maximum attention by puting nice decoration and big sign with catchy colour : RED ! PS : I've prepared this to join the July theme "photo blog theme train" but do not know how and where to register to participate, even I have checked it out at the forum. So, for my first monthly theme I only put other blog who participate and hope they will put my link at their blog as well. The blogs who participate are : Shanghai, China - Mumbai, India - New York City (NY), USA - Manila, Philippines - Albuquerque (NM), USA - Hamburg, Germany - Stayton (OR), USA - Los Angeles (CA), USA - Hyde, UK - Oslo, Norway - Brookville (OH), USA - Melbourne, Australia - Stavanger, Norway - Bellefonte (PA), USA - Bucaramanga (Santander), Colombia - Joplin (MO), USA - Singapore, Singapore - Selma (AL), USA - Cleveland (OH), USA - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Chandler (AZ), USA - Stockholm, Sweden - Seattle (WA), USA - Boston (MA), USA - Arradon, France - Evry, France - Baton Rouge (LA), USA - Maple Ridge (BC), Canada - Boston (MA), USA - Grenoble, France - Cottage Grove (MN), USA - Greenville (SC), USA - Hilo (HI), USA - Nelson, New Zealand - La Antigua, Guatemala - Brisbane (QLD), Australia - Singapore, Singapore - Tel Aviv, Israel - Hong Kong, China - Sequim (WA), USA - Paderborn, Germany - Saarbrücken, Germany - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Tenerife, Spain - Kyoto, Japan - Tokyo, Japan - Sydney, Australia - Naples (FL), USA - Cologne (NRW), Germany - Wassenaar (ZH), Netherlands - Saint Louis (MO), USA - Cypress (TX), USA - Ocean Township (NJ), USA - Mainz, Germany - Toruń, Poland - Menton, France - Monte Carlo, Monaco - Singapore, Singapore - North Bay (ON), Canada - Jakarta, Indonesia - Montréal (QC), Canada - Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Minneapolis (MN), USA - Baziège, France - San Diego (CA), USA - Prague, Czech Republic - Ampang (Selangor), Malaysia - New York (NY), USA - Kajang (Selangor), Malaysia - Sharon (CT), USA - Newcastle (NSW), Australia - Port Angeles (WA), USA - Nottingham, UK - Villigen, Switzerland - Chicago (IL), USA - Torquay, UK - Brussels, Belgium - San Diego (CA), USA - Mexico (DF), Mexico - Saint Paul (MN), USA - Cape Town, South Africa - Paris, France - Seoul, Korea - Manila, Philippines - Milano, Italy - Austin (TX), USA - Chennai, India - Madrid, Spain - Seoul, South Korea - Wailea (HI), USA - Toronto (ON), Canada - Ajaccio, France - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Silver Spring (MD), USA - Zurich, Switzerland - Sydney, Australia - Budapest, Hungary - Moscow, Russia - Auckland, New Zealand - Torino, Italy Enjoy, and have a nice holiday in July !

Concert at Place du Capitole

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Today, June 30th, if you happened to be in Toulouse or around, come to Place du Capitole. Take advantage of this free invitation from Toulouse Town Hall and Tiseo to enjoy music of l'Ochestre National de Toulouse. They have preapared very big screen, sophisticated lightings systems. Unfortunately I won't be there since I've to go to my country house. But I've take some pics last night to show you the stage and some light effects they've prepared.

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