Flower Selling in Cemetery

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This is flower selling activity in front of cemetery, just for La Toussaint / All Saints celebration. By the way do you know, in USA, flowers selling in cemetery is illegal? I quote the law :

Sec. 7-34. Merchandising, advertising and signs prohibited. (a) Vending and peddling. No person in any city cemetery shall expose or offer for sale any article or thing, nor shall he station or place any stand, cart, or vehicle for the transportation, sale or display of any such article or thing. (b) Advertising. No person in any city cemetery shall announce, advertise, or call the public attention in any way to any article or service for sale or hire. (c) Signs. No person in any city cemetery shall paste, glue, tack or otherwise post any sign, placard, advertisement, or inscription whatever, nor shall any person erect or cause to be erected any sign whatever on any public lands or highways or roads adjacent to any city cemetery. (Ord. No. 378, § 4, 10-1-01)
Sell flower could be good choice of business for kids. Wanna try ?


  1. Hilda // November 3, 2008 at 5:22 AM  

    Business is brisk for flower shops near cemeteries this past week in the Philippines too. But your flowers look so much more colorful than what was on sale here (which was mostly white)! Beautiful shot!

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