jardin japonais Toulouse

The Japanese garden in Toulouse is a remarkable park of France located north of downtown Toulouse in the district of Compans Cafarelli. This garden was created in 1981 to meet the wishes of Pierre Baudis during his term as mayor of Toulouse. He appreciated this type of garden during travel, particularly in Dublin. The park closed 7 000 m² is part of a green area of 10 hectares in the heart of recent district Compans-Caffarelli. In 1993, the garden received the national grand prize as a Remarkable Garden .


  1. aloria // October 15, 2008 at 6:03 AM  

    Japanese gardens is a gardens in traditional Japanese style, can be found at private homes, in neighborhood or city parks, and at historical landmarks such as Buddhist temples and old castles. Some of the Japanese gardens most famous in the west, and within Japan as well, are dry gardens or rock gardens, karesansui. The tradition of the Tea masters has produced highly refined Japanese gardens of quite another style, evoking rural simplicity. In Japanese culture, garden making is a high art, intimately related to the linked arts of calligraphy and ink painting. Since the end of the 19th century, Japanese gardens have also been adapted to Western settings.

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