This is another photo of Toulouse in numbers as promised on my previous post. Sorry for keeping you wait sooooo long. I have problem with my memory card (can't download it to my pc and finaly all the photos i have prepared was dissapeared). Today I have a chance to make new photo and share it to you. I do appologize.

This sign mentioned that at that place Duc of Mont Morency was being executed on October 30th, 1632.

Who is Duc de Motmorency? Duc de Mont Morency or Henri II de Montmorency (1595 - October 30, 1632), son of duke Henry I, succeeded to the title in 1614, having previously been made grand admiral. He also was governor of Languedoc.

In 1625 he defeated the French Protestant fleet under Soubise, and seized the islands of Ré and Oleron, but the jealousy of Richelieu deprived him of the means of following up these advantages. In 1628-1629 he was allowed to command against the duke of Rohan in Languedoc; in 1630 he defeated the Piedmontese, and captured Prince Doria, at Avigliana, and took Saluzzo. In the same year he was created marshal.

In 1632 he joined the party of Gaston, duke of Orleans, and placed himself at the head of the rebel army, which was defeated by Marshal Schomberg at Castelnaudary (September 1, 1632); severely wounded, he fell into the enemy's hands, and, abandoned by Gaston, was executed as a traitor at Toulouse on October 30. The title passed to his sister Charlotte-Marguerite, princess of Condé.


  1. julia // May 21, 2008 at 8:00 AM  

    Immersed in history, I'd love that city I think. Glad that your posts are working again.

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