Place du Capitole and stade toulousain

This is Place du Capitole with red black flag. When I saw this flag, I thought it was the flag to support earth quake in Myanmar and China. I was totally wrong. It is the flag of Stade Toulousain, the Rugby Team of Toulouse who will play against Munster, The Irish Rugby team on Final of European Rugby Cup this afternoon at Cardiff.

One said, Stade Toulousain vs Munster its like AC Milan vs Real Madrid. Toulouse Town Hall have prepare big screen on Place du Capitole, so Les Toulousains could watch this match together at 18.00 CET. Wanna join me ? Go Toulouse Go, get your 4th Trophy !!!!


  1. Tanya // May 24, 2008 at 4:28 PM  

    Beautiful building! Go Toulouse!

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